Destroy Us

These eyes won’t closed at night

I see you and the memories like a movie playing right in front of me

I see you each time I turn

The distance seems real, but the pain is even worse

I’ve lost count how many time we have done this

Further apart and come back close like nothing has happened

It’s kind of toxic to us, but also the drugs

And both destroy us




One day you’re happy like a butterfly finds a bunch of flowers

The next day you mad as hell..

And the day after you’re in tears like you’ve been chopping onions

That’s how emotional a human being can be

But that’s also the strength of being human

Some overthink about it..

Afraid that emotion can control their lives

Some others put emotion as their shields to face problems

And for some.. emotion is just emotion.

No need to think about it, feel it instead

To living our lives is complicated enough

problems come and go with no prior notice

Let’s not make it even harder




There is always one day in a year

For you to take a step back

To think of everything that you have been through,

Maybe in a year or throughout your life.

Today is my day.

A day that reminds me, how evolved I have been

How some extreme changes happened.

That some dreams need to be rewritten

That giving up is not even a menu on the table

This is the day, which always tells me that being grateful is the key

When a new dream has been rewritten, a new door might be open

Thank you today



Not today

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel

Wise man once said..

The light that I keep on searching for

While I’m walking along this dark tunnel

Sooner or later you’ll find your answer

Once people told me

It seems to be a very long waiting time

While i keep on doing what I have to do

My road challenges my patience, my energy, my mind, my heart…

But I have not given up yet.. at least not today.



I am missing you

This heart refuses to beat

These lungs refuse to inhale the air

Loving you once easier

Loving you was simpler

Something has changed, has the feeling grown?

Only heaven knows..

For sure, even just missing you is harder than before.

Missing you is complicated than yesterday

Who says that broken heart is only a matter of being left,

It’s not only about separation..

Missing someone you can’t reach can break your heart too.




I put the chrysanthemums near the window

White, pink, and yellow

The sun lights keep it beautiful

As I wish for my heart to be joyful

Days go by, the petals started to fall

It loses its color, like missing the rainfall

I guess, it’s mirroring myself

I’m losing myself,

I’ve been trying to hold on and stay now

But you in a blink of an eye, act like I’m just a person you can throw

Do you expect me to do something to show your worth?

Let me know, otherwise we only move back and forth

I’m at the crossroad, and I don’t know where to go

I wish we can put down our ego

To get our colors back, to enjoy the sunshine

Who knows the chrysanthemums will bloom and its beauty regain..