Simple Story

In a search of Enlightment

It’s been a while since I have my time to write down my scattered mind in my blog. I have been very busy or I have made myself too busy.

In this short time to write (my daughter is sleeping and I bet she will awake soon), I just wanna share a thing or two that I feel recently.

People say, or wise word say “You have to create your own happiness”. Do you believe it?Well, I do. But to create my own happiness is another thing. Recently I feel like my life is full of paradoxical matters. I am conflicting with myself.

For example, when I have too many working load, I tend to get stress and start complaining. When I’m complaining, at that moment, I realize or I feel like I’m not grateful enough. Or…

when I leave my work load to have fun a bit, at that moment I think about my work and start feeling guilty. If that’s not stressful enough… I have to think about my family too especially my almost 3yo daughter, who really needs my attention. But the worse thing of all, my health is getting worse.

So, while I type this post, actually I’m also thinking about the step that I should take to balance my life. I believe that I have put too much portion for work… but my mind came back with ZERO idea…

What should I do? I need tips..!

warm regards,

Eleonora Birgitta







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