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How Ambitious Are You, Parents?

Dear parents, I wrote this because I saw with my own eyes the ambition of a mother.

I accompanied my girl in a coloring contest. My girl is only 3.5 yo. A boy sat next to her was just as old as she is. I brought my daughter only a set of crayons, that’s it. For me, I just wanted to show her that it’s just a fun event. Meanwhile, the mother of the boy prepared 3 sets of coloring tools. Oh wow, he must love coloring, I thought.

The contest begun. The children had 90 minutes to finish it. I let my girl chose every colors she wanted, even if it meant she choose green for face. 🤣 but hey, it should be a fun moment, right?

Meanwhile, the mother of the boy started to give orders to her kid. How ground should look like, what color he should use. She raised her voice when the boy didn’t do it. I was shock.

This story is not about the mother of the boy, I won’t judge her. But this is about me and my view. I raise my kid to know competition. I believe it is important because this world goes crazy on competition nowadays.

But, I want her to understand that in competition she doesn’t have to always be the winner, I want her to enjoy the competition so that she can do her best. I am a mother who believes that introducing competition in a too hard way may cause trauma for children. They might wanna stop and hate the competition at one point.

Yes, I have seen many parents want their children to be a winner in a contest until they get emotional to the children. Well, I agree 100 percently that children should be taught about winning. But they also have to learn how it feels when they loose.

Thus, how about we, as parents let our children explore their own terms about competition. What winning and loosing mean to them. Let them enjoy the process.. we don’t need to be ambitious collecting trophies which aren’t ours.

So..readers, this is only my thought. You don’t have to agree with it.. 😊😊


.A mother.

2 thoughts on “How Ambitious Are You, Parents?”

  1. Sad to hear about this other mother. But i guess this shows really good how our world develop.

    Gladly there are some parent like you. Kids should be kids. They grow up soon enough.

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