[Review] Pond’s face powder-Pinkish white glow

Finally I got the chance to try this product. Thank you Watson for the member promo, it’s really useful for me. Hohoho..

So, this face powder from Pond’s has been quite famous since last year. They have three variants of face powder: BB magic powder, pinkish white glow, and natural mattifying.

This time, I tried the pinkish white glow. From the texture I got to say this product is really good, so soft, very small particles. How about the smell? For my nose, it’s nice, not so fragrant but you can smell something lovely.

I applied it after my daily foundation. The powder is really pink, literally. So, no wonder it gives you the pinkish. But, I guess it works best for girls with pale to bright skin. Pond’s pinkish white glow contains a bit of glitter which should make your face glow. Well, it should.

Somehow, the glow doesn’t appear on my face after the application. So for me, this powder works like any other powder not as special as the ad says.

But, for you girls, with pale or bright skin, just try it. Who knows it works better to your skin.

That’s it for now, happy reading!


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