Red wine

As red as blood.. it flows in your body

It took yourselves away for a moment

A moment that you might enjoy the most

Live for now, live for today

Sadness, disappointment, failure come and go

But also happiness and success

Enjoy the moment when it comes but be ready to let it go

Like enjoying a bottle of fine red wine, enjoy it til its last drop




Another year has passed,

another failures have been through.

I stand, I run, I fall, and I get back on my feet.

Don’t tell me not to loose hope. I have lost it so many times.

But giving up is not a word I am familiar with.

Whether I am stubborn or I do have a strong faith,

but it is the thing that keeps me survive and alive



Simple Story

fulfilling the empty space

there was a time, when I can smile easily

there was a time, when my heart filled with joy

there was a time, when everything seemed easy

but now is the time, when I even force my self to smile

it is the time, when I know there’s a blank space deep within

it is the time, when a tiny good thing would lift up the load

A doubtful heart shall not make a choice

as it will lead to wrong judgment, but how should it stand?

when all seems to have no end…


Review of here and there

Good coffee for me in Jogja

Coffee shops have been a good business in Jogja, more and more new coffee shops can be easily found in the neighborhood. However, the competition is tough ma maaan… many of those are closed after a while.

For me, a good coffee shop comes in package of coffee, baristas, and store ambience. Foods? Nope, it doesn’t count. It’s just a complementary item, when it comes tasty then it’s a bonus poin.

I will make several stories about coffee shops that I have tried. Why coffee shops? Hmmm.. it’s simply because I love coffee.. I love it bitter yet creamy 🙂

So.. this time will be Simetri Coffee. You can easily find this place at Kotabaru, at Jalan Sabirin. It opens daily starting at 9 AM. A good place to have your morning meeting.

They have several rooms, you can use one for meeting if you need a separate space from other customers. Just ask the staffs, they are really nice and helpful.

The price is not that cheap, but it’s worth the money honey! Their coffees are around 40k, and the main course starts also from around 50k. But don’t worry, they have such a biiiiiggg portion that mostly you can always share with friends. My favorite menus are chicken wings (snacks) and traditional big breakfast. Their chicken wings are not that small common chicken wings with standatd taste. Those are big wings with crunchy skin, not fried but grilled. Sooo yummy. Traditional bigbreakfast is about breakfast so you will find scrambled eggs, sausage, sauted potato n mushrooms, ham, bread in one plate. Trust me it’s too big for braekfast.

The coffee… yes… i love the coffee here. The taste are bold, but not too strong. My favorite is coffee latte or cappuccino. so I use it to make my coffee shop list.

Simetri coffee’s cappuccino is tasty. The coffee is strong enough but they balance it with the creamy milk. The milk is not too milky and destroys the coffee. Like I said before. It’s bitter yet creamy. Perfecto.

Amother coffee shop another post…

Simple Story

What it means to be grateful

Hi dears,

I have something in mind. Lately I question myself, the meaning of being grateful.

1. You have a dream job, but you loose yor passion in it. You want to let it go. Does it mean you are not grateful?

2. You leave you job because you want to have a meaningful life by being healthy in mind and body. Can’t you call it not grateful?

Aaah… I have no idea…


Simple Story

Stand Alone

Temperature is dropped by 5°C and I have nothing to cover my shaking body accept my hoodie.

‘Great’ I whispered.

I walk in to the nearest coffee shop, hope it would help warming me up a bit. I choose to sit at the corner, near the window. Holding my warm cappuccino cup, I look at the window and let my mind wandering.

‘I’m alone and I have always been’, I said to myself.

I look around the café and all that I see is people laughing with their friends or lover.. well, not like me. Even in such cold weather, I’m just alone hugging my hoodie because it’s too cold.

Finishing my coffee, I prepare my self to go back to the cold weather. Pulling my hoodie to cover my head, I walk as fast as I can until I feel a cold drop of water. It’s raining..another luck.

It stops my step. I surrender and look up to the sky to feel the rain drops on my face. I cry under the lamppost.