I am missing you

This heart refuses to beat

These lungs refuse to inhale the air

Loving you once easier

Loving you was simpler

Something has changed, has the feeling grown?

Only heaven knows..

For sure, even just missing you is harder than before.

Missing you is complicated than yesterday

Who says that broken heart is only a matter of being left,

It’s not only about separation..

Missing someone you can’t reach can break your heart too.




I put the chrysanthemums near the window

White, pink, and yellow

The sun lights keep it beautiful

As I wish for my heart to be joyful

Days go by, the petals started to fall

It loses its color, like missing the rainfall

I guess, it’s mirroring myself

I’m losing myself,

I’ve been trying to hold on and stay now

But you in a blink of an eye, act like I’m just a person you can throw

Do you expect me to do something to show your worth?

Let me know, otherwise we only move back and forth

I’m at the crossroad, and I don’t know where to go

I wish we can put down our ego

To get our colors back, to enjoy the sunshine

Who knows the chrysanthemums will bloom and its beauty regain..




Karena pada akhirnya, tetap aku yang tersakiti

Tetap aku yang menitikkan air mata

Jadi, untuk apa aku bertahan,

Untuk apa aku tinggal?

Sementara dirimu hanya datang dan pergi sesuka hati

Semau waktu,

Seingin tubuhmu menghampiri

Bodoh, jika aku diperbudak oleh hadirmu

Bodoh, jika aku tetap di sini

Bodoh, jika aku masih tenggelam dalam tatapmu



The Pain

Have you ever feel the pain that you cannot even describe?

Have you known the feeling that hurts you so bad until you cannot breathe?

Or have you ever feel the pain that makes you cry til you fall asleep?

I have been pushed away, i have been pulled, and I have been drowned

But I swallow all these pains

Though I know, I will be broken into pieces one day