I remember…

I remember…

When you held my hand

I remember…

When you took me in your arms

I remember..

When I sat on your laps

I remember..

When you called me, with a nickname nobody never called me with..

I remember..

The smile on your face, which you rarely showed

I remember..

The day you passed away

I remember..

The day of your funeral

I remember…

How sad I was..

And I know…

I am still missing you…



Red wine

As red as blood.. it flows in your body

It took yourselves away for a moment

A moment that you might enjoy the most

Live for now, live for today

Sadness, disappointment, failure come and go

But also happiness and success

Enjoy the moment when it comes but be ready to let it go

Like enjoying a bottle of fine red wine, enjoy it til its last drop




Another year has passed,

another failures have been through.

I stand, I run, I fall, and I get back on my feet.

Don’t tell me not to loose hope. I have lost it so many times.

But giving up is not a word I am familiar with.

Whether I am stubborn or I do have a strong faith,

but it is the thing that keeps me survive and alive




fulfilling the empty space

there was a time, when I can smile easily

there was a time, when my heart filled with joy

there was a time, when everything seemed easy

but now is the time, when I even force my self to smile

it is the time, when I know there’s a blank space deep within

it is the time, when a tiny good thing would lift up the load

A doubtful heart shall not make a choice

as it will lead to wrong judgment, but how should it stand?

when all seems to have no end…