Simple Story

In a search of Enlightment

It’s been a while since I have my time to write down my scattered mind in my blog. I have been very busy or I have made myself too busy.

In this short time to write (my daughter is sleeping and I bet she will awake soon), I just wanna share a thing or two that I feel recently.

People say, or wise word say “You have to create your own happiness”. Do you believe it?Well, I do. But to create my own happiness is another thing. Recently I feel like my life is full of paradoxical matters. I am conflicting with myself.

For example, when I have too many working load, I tend to get stress and start complaining. When I’m complaining, at that moment, I realize or I feel like I’m not grateful enough. Or…

when I leave my work load to have fun a bit, at that moment I think about my work and start feeling guilty. If that’s not stressful enough… I have to think about my family too especially my almost 3yo daughter, who really needs my attention. But the worse thing of all, my health is getting worse.

So, while I type this post, actually I’m also thinking about the step that I should take to balance my life. I believe that I have put too much portion for work… but my mind came back with ZERO idea…

What should I do? I need tips..!

warm regards,

Eleonora Birgitta







Ucrit’s dream

Dear friends,

if you follows what Ucrit wrote, you might conclude that ucrit must be good in telling stories. Hmm.. that’s not 100 % correct. The truth is ucrit loves to read, especially short and simple stories like.. children books.

so.. one of Ucrit’s dream is to make all children (okay, all will be exaggerating..) have books to read, to entertain them, to make them laugh or just smile…

Therefore, if you feel like you want to help Ucrit with his dream, please donate your children used books to Ucrit. Ucrit will make sure, the books go to children who wants it and it will never stop on just one hand 🙂

simply contact Ucrit in this blog… further, Ucrit will build a special blog for this purpose, along with new twitter and facebook account. Bur for now.. let it keep the story here.

Thank you friends… Ucrit will be very happy if you are willing to help 🙂 Look forward to hear from you friends.. ^^



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