I recall.. the time when everything seemed easy

A time when there was only me and my ambition

An ambition which has brought me to this path

The path that everyone sees as a success

Then.. I see me now at a crossroad, where I cannot even decide which way I have to take

Which way will be the best

And which way that will make me whole.

O Lord, I need help..




Every person has their own flaws

Everyone has made mistakes, once or many times..

Some has the courage to admit it, some even have the chance to fix it.

But some may not realize it.

Sooner or later, we are all just human who lives in the same earth.

Let’s just reflect ourselves.. and admit our flaws.

Let’s make some peace, at least in our own minds.




Do you know how it feels to be unwanted?

Or do you even know the feeling of being invisible?

The moment when you realize that no single word of yours is heard nor count

That moment makes you want to stop. It makes you want to giving up or at least stepping back.

But then you remember a thing, and it slaps you on your face.

It is you who have chosen this path, it is you who have given up everything to be here..

Do you really want to stop fighting?

Have you forgotten what you have sacrificed?



I’ve got nothing to lose..

I’ve got nothing to lose,

Too much I have lost before..

Too bad I have injured.

I’m taking now my steps with ease,

No burden on my shoulders.

I’ve fallen yet I’ve learned too how to raise..

I’ve slipped yet I’ve also learned how to stand firm..

I’ll giving the best of me to the end point,

As now.. I’ve got nothing to lose..



[Promo] home decor

Judul itu harus selalu jadi representasi isi kan ya gaes. Oke, jadi udah keliatan kalau aku mau promo. Belom jualan lho.. baru promo, wkwkw (mbel!)

Foto-foto di bawah adalah hasil kreasi seseorang yang berbakat, yang belum ingin diungkap identitasnya. Karyanya cocok banget untuk hiasan rumah, mau dipajang ditembok atau diletakkan di rak/meja.

Bahannya kayu dan toples kaca, khusus toples kaca ini dilukis ya gaes. Handmade, orisinil idenya. Enggak ambil gambar dari mbah Google. Untuk yang kayu ini decoupage art. Jadi motifnya ga bisa semau guweh karena motif-motifnya udah ready, walaupuuuuun ragamnya sangat banyak. Tetep puyeng kok kalo mau milih.

Karena semua buatnya pakai proses, maka harus po ya.. kecuali yang ku posting ini.. those are ready to buy. Untuk motif lain bisa DM di IG ku aja @tiethabirgitta.

Nah.. berikut foto-fotonya ya.. enjoy! Order jugak! Hehe..