When you want to write..

But you don’t know what to write,

You ended up writing nothing but nonsense.

Nonsense which might has meaning for others

Meaning that might help others.

So.. nonsense is only a nonsense when you define it as such…

What kind of nonsense have you written today?




Another day,

Another week,

Another month,

Another year…

All has passed, and nothing has changed

Dreams and hopes, however, haven’t.

In the end, it’s only the matter of willingness and endurance..

It’s the battle between you and yourself.



I’ve got nothing to lose..

I’ve got nothing to lose,

Too much I have lost before..

Too bad I have injured.

I’m taking now my steps with ease,

No burden on my shoulders.

I’ve fallen yet I’ve learned too how to raise..

I’ve slipped yet I’ve also learned how to stand firm..

I’ll giving the best of me to the end point,

As now.. I’ve got nothing to lose..