Dear soul..

You have given everything you have, you even put your trust to someone you thought you know.

You believe in a single thing, kindness, which you thought everybody does the same.

Until the time proved the opposite. Every sacrifice you’ve made, ended up being nothing to them.

Each secret you’ve shared, became the knife which stabbed you slowly.

You shall learn, dear soul. Life ain’t a fairytale which every story ends with a happy ending.

Life is such a two sides of a coin. Good and bad, happiness and sadness, smile and tears, satisfaction and disappointment..

Each event may be seen in two different perspectives. You shall choose, dear soul, which side you want to look.



I’ve got nothing to lose..

I’ve got nothing to lose,

Too much I have lost before..

Too bad I have injured.

I’m taking now my steps with ease,

No burden on my shoulders.

I’ve fallen yet I’ve learned too how to raise..

I’ve slipped yet I’ve also learned how to stand firm..

I’ll giving the best of me to the end point,

As now.. I’ve got nothing to lose..