[Review] Rivera Gotta be Matte Lip cream

Hai gaes, aku dapet kesempatan istimewa niy buat coba produk lumayan baru dari Rivera Cosmetics. Namanya Gotta be Matte lip cream. Ada 2 warna yang kucoba, yang truly red alias merah benderang sama agak ngepink (shade retro mauve).

Foto di bawah ini yang retro mauve ya gaes..

Nah, ini pendapat pribadiku ya.. (ingat pendapat boleh beda) 😁

1. Kemasan

Elegan, bahkan bagus menurutku kalau dibandingkam merek titik-titik yang organik (tebak-tebak tidak berhadiah). Jadi bukan kemasan yang ‘cuma’ lip cream gitu lho gaes.

2. Tekstur

Relatif lebih kental dari lip cream yang biasa kupakai. Risikonya apa? Ya bisa jadi terlalu tebal, trus (ndemblok- kata orang Jawa). Mendingan nih kalau make ini, pakai aja di beberapa titik terus ratakan, pakai cotton bud.. jari ya boleh wis sak karep.. pokoknya rata.

3. Moist?

Surprisingly, tidak sekering dugaanku sebelumnya. Sempet menduga ini akan kering atau bikin bibir kering dengan sangat cepat. Ternyata enggak lho.. misal niy, kupakai pagi jam 9, nanti baru kerasa kering di atas jam 13. Lumayan kan..

4. Longlast?

Yeps. Ini longlast, jam kerja touch up kalau perlu aja (aku sih males.. emang gitu akutu..)

5. Smudge free?

Nope. Sayangnya tidaaaaa… jadi hati-hati kalau mau kecup kecup yak. Nempel gaes.. ingat!

Gitu deh pendapatku pakai Rivera Gotta be matte lip cream ini. Untuk 2 warna yang kucoba, ternyata warna yang merah nyala itu lebih cepet nempel bibir daripada yang retro mauve. Entah kenapaaaa…

Untuk hasil yang merah nyala bisa cek di sini ya..gotta be matte result

Sekalian ceki-ceki story Instagram-ku yang mengulas produk make up lainnya.

Gitu yes.. makasiy sudah mampir..



[Review] Emina Cream Blush

Emina is Indonesian cosmetics, which you can call as the sister of two other brands, Wardah and Make Over. Those three brands have their own character, let say Wardah is more to halal cosmetics and suitable for hijabers, and Make Over is suitable for active and professional women. Meanwhile, Emina with all the cute packaging targets the young women, teenagers.

I just tried one product from Emina, the cream blush. I chose peach shade just simply because I don’t like the pink one. Honestly, cream and stick blush aren’t my favourite. I’m a bit worried that I can’t apply it correctly or put it on too much or too little. Well, if you don’t have my problem I believe this product suits you well.

Once you applied the cream blush, like one drop on each cheek, you wouldn’t see the shade immediately though you have blended it. I apply 2-3 drops on each cheek and blend it well until I see the shade that I want. For me, it is an advantage since I’m too worried to use cream blush :).

Emina’s cream blush stays all day, if you use primer or at least foundation and you don’t sweat much (like doing gym with full makeup 🤣). So, from 1-10 I can give 8 for this blush.



Review: MUA blush

So.. MUA is a make up brand from the UK. It’s very affordable and easy to find in Superdrug Store.

First product I bought from this brand were a matte lipstick and eyeshadow. Both are nice and I like it. This time I decided to try Pixel Perfect Multy blush, and chose the Pink Blossom shade. It is only for £3.

The color shade looks reallly beautiful and soft, just my favorite!

So.. let’s try! The problem occurred when I swap my make up brush and applied on my cheeks, and voila… nothing happened. No colors at all on my skin.

I needed to repeat it like 5 times or more on each cheek just to get pinky shades. Honestly, it wasn’t what I expected from MUA. Yep, I’m a bit dissatisfied after the satisfying products I’ve tried before. 🙂

Another minus is the smell. You’ll smell a strong odor when you open and apply it.

So.. do I recommend this product? Hmm… I gotta give 5 from 10. But if you want to try it yourselves it’s your call. Just leave a comment on this post right after.🙂

Thank you for reading!