[Review] W&W Spa Jogja

This is the second part of my story visiting a spa with my 3.5 yo daughter. It’s called Woman and Woman Spa, which is located in LPP Garden Hotel Jogja. Their old place was near Tax Office KPP Pratama Sleman Ringroad Utara, they moved to the new location in 2016 if I’m not mistaken.

So, I have been their customer since 2014. I have compare several massage places in Jogja, with or without hair salon. For me, I enjoy WW spa the most. They have many treatments of your choice, starts from traditional massage to the complex spa with chocolate, hot stone, bodywrap, ayurveda, etc. They also provide facial, creambath, body scrub, nails treatment, waxing, miss V treatments, pre-wedding treatments. Soooo complete!

If I have enough time, I usually take the spa treatment, which includes bath for like 2 hours. Their price range for treatments and individual massage is 150 – 430 IDR. You can also choose treatments for couple if you want a romantic gateway, which costs you from 660-990 IDR.

If you are a mommy to be, they also have pregnancy massage. After the baby is arrived, they provide baby massage. I took my daughter to have a massage here when she was 8 months and 10 months old. She liked it.

For toddler, they have some treatments. I tried 40 minutes massage for my daughter. She refused it with drama, but the therapist was sooo patient. Step by step she talked and massage my daughter until she ended up lying on the bed with the batik blanket :). They also have princess treatment for your older daughter, they also have mini creambath and mini manicure. Cute right?

If you’d like more info and pricelist just go to their web

You can easily make an appointment online or contact them via whatsapp.

Hope it helps!