Review: MUA blush

So.. MUA is a make up brand from the UK. It’s very affordable and easy to find in Superdrug Store.

First product I bought from this brand were a matte lipstick and eyeshadow. Both are nice and I like it. This time I decided to try Pixel Perfect Multy blush, and chose the Pink Blossom shade. It is only for £3.

The color shade looks reallly beautiful and soft, just my favorite!

So.. let’s try! The problem occurred when I swap my make up brush and applied on my cheeks, and voila… nothing happened. No colors at all on my skin.

I needed to repeat it like 5 times or more on each cheek just to get pinky shades. Honestly, it wasn’t what I expected from MUA. Yep, I’m a bit dissatisfied after the satisfying products I’ve tried before. 🙂

Another minus is the smell. You’ll smell a strong odor when you open and apply it.

So.. do I recommend this product? Hmm… I gotta give 5 from 10. But if you want to try it yourselves it’s your call. Just leave a comment on this post right after.🙂

Thank you for reading!