I recall.. the time when everything seemed easy

A time when there was only me and my ambition

An ambition which has brought me to this path

The path that everyone sees as a success

Then.. I see me now at a crossroad, where I cannot even decide which way I have to take

Which way will be the best

And which way that will make me whole.

O Lord, I need help..




Do you know how it feels to be unwanted?

Or do you even know the feeling of being invisible?

The moment when you realize that no single word of yours is heard nor count

That moment makes you want to stop. It makes you want to giving up or at least stepping back.

But then you remember a thing, and it slaps you on your face.

It is you who have chosen this path, it is you who have given up everything to be here..

Do you really want to stop fighting?

Have you forgotten what you have sacrificed?



Dear soul..

You have given everything you have, you even put your trust to someone you thought you know.

You believe in a single thing, kindness, which you thought everybody does the same.

Until the time proved the opposite. Every sacrifice you’ve made, ended up being nothing to them.

Each secret you’ve shared, became the knife which stabbed you slowly.

You shall learn, dear soul. Life ain’t a fairytale which every story ends with a happy ending.

Life is such a two sides of a coin. Good and bad, happiness and sadness, smile and tears, satisfaction and disappointment..

Each event may be seen in two different perspectives. You shall choose, dear soul, which side you want to look.



I remember…

I remember…

When you held my hand

I remember…

When you took me in your arms

I remember..

When I sat on your laps

I remember..

When you called me, with a nickname nobody never called me with..

I remember..

The smile on your face, which you rarely showed

I remember..

The day you passed away

I remember..

The day of your funeral

I remember…

How sad I was..

And I know…

I am still missing you…



Red wine

As red as blood.. it flows in your body

It took yourselves away for a moment

A moment that you might enjoy the most

Live for now, live for today

Sadness, disappointment, failure come and go

But also happiness and success

Enjoy the moment when it comes but be ready to let it go

Like enjoying a bottle of fine red wine, enjoy it til its last drop




Another year has passed,

another failures have been through.

I stand, I run, I fall, and I get back on my feet.

Don’t tell me not to loose hope. I have lost it so many times.

But giving up is not a word I am familiar with.

Whether I am stubborn or I do have a strong faith,

but it is the thing that keeps me survive and alive