Simple Story

Stand Alone

Temperature is dropped by 5°C and I have nothing to cover my shaking body accept my hoodie.

‘Great’ I whispered.

I walk in to the nearest coffee shop, hope it would help warming me up a bit. I choose to sit at the corner, near the window. Holding my warm cappuccino cup, I look at the window and let my mind wandering.

‘I’m alone and I have always been’, I said to myself.

I look around the café and all that I see is people laughing with their friends or lover.. well, not like me. Even in such cold weather, I’m just alone hugging my hoodie because it’s too cold.

Finishing my coffee, I prepare my self to go back to the cold weather. Pulling my hoodie to cover my head, I walk as fast as I can until I feel a cold drop of water. It’s raining..another luck.

It stops my step. I surrender and look up to the sky to feel the rain drops on my face. I cry under the lamppost.