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[Review] Emina Cream Blush

Emina is Indonesian cosmetics, which you can call as the sister of two other brands, Wardah and Make Over. Those three brands have their own character, let say Wardah is more to halal cosmetics and suitable for hijabers, and Make Over is suitable for active and professional women. Meanwhile, Emina with all the cute packaging targets the young women, teenagers.

I just tried one product from Emina, the cream blush. I chose peach shade just simply because I don’t like the pink one. Honestly, cream and stick blush aren’t my favourite. I’m a bit worried that I can’t apply it correctly or put it on too much or too little. Well, if you don’t have my problem I believe this product suits you well.

Once you applied the cream blush, like one drop on each cheek, you wouldn’t see the shade immediately though you have blended it. I apply 2-3 drops on each cheek and blend it well until I see the shade that I want. For me, it is an advantage since I’m too worried to use cream blush :).

Emina’s cream blush stays all day, if you use primer or at least foundation and you don’t sweat much (like doing gym with full makeup 🤣). So, from 1-10 I can give 8 for this blush.


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[Review] W&W Spa Jogja

This is the second part of my story visiting a spa with my 3.5 yo daughter. It’s called Woman and Woman Spa, which is located in LPP Garden Hotel Jogja. Their old place was near Tax Office KPP Pratama Sleman Ringroad Utara, they moved to the new location in 2016 if I’m not mistaken.

So, I have been their customer since 2014. I have compare several massage places in Jogja, with or without hair salon. For me, I enjoy WW spa the most. They have many treatments of your choice, starts from traditional massage to the complex spa with chocolate, hot stone, bodywrap, ayurveda, etc. They also provide facial, creambath, body scrub, nails treatment, waxing, miss V treatments, pre-wedding treatments. Soooo complete!

If I have enough time, I usually take the spa treatment, which includes bath for like 2 hours. Their price range for treatments and individual massage is 150 – 430 IDR. You can also choose treatments for couple if you want a romantic gateway, which costs you from 660-990 IDR.

If you are a mommy to be, they also have pregnancy massage. After the baby is arrived, they provide baby massage. I took my daughter to have a massage here when she was 8 months and 10 months old. She liked it.

For toddler, they have some treatments. I tried 40 minutes massage for my daughter. She refused it with drama, but the therapist was sooo patient. Step by step she talked and massage my daughter until she ended up lying on the bed with the batik blanket :). They also have princess treatment for your older daughter, they also have mini creambath and mini manicure. Cute right?

If you’d like more info and pricelist just go to their web

You can easily make an appointment online or contact them via whatsapp.

Hope it helps!


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[ review] Lanocréme skincare

Kali ini saya review skincare andalan hampir 2 tahun ini. Namanya Lanocréme Cream dari Lanocorp. Bisa cek webnya di

Dari namanya katauan ya bahannya adalah lanolin. Hasil baca-baca kiri kanan, lanolin itu natural grease atau semacam lemak/minyak alami dari wool domba.

Kulit saya itu super sensi, kalau ga cocok 1 produk bisa langsung merah dan gatal, ya ga sampai bentol bengkak juga sih.. tapi akan sangat mengganggu kalau coba-coba produk dan ga cocok. Makanya, saya cukup anti dengan skincare dari klinik, yang katanya cukup keras, plus mahal. Kalau ga cocok tongpes juga saya.

Nah, balik ke Lanocréme ini. Jadi, ceritanya kala itu pak Su lagi tugas ke Australia. Saya titip donk kosmetik gitu.. eh.. dibeliin skincare 1 paket dari Lanocorp ini. Isinya waktu itu ada lipbalm, handcream, dan face cream ini. Kata pak Su harga sepaket ini sampe 40an AUD, mahal juga kalu di rupiah-kan. Kikikiki…

Saya memberanikan mencoba ni face cream-nya, yang kata pak Su sudah ditanyakan ke mbak-mbak di sana, akan cocok untuk kulit yang relatif sensitif. Sambil komat kamit biar ga merah-merah, saya coba 1 kali tipis di muka. Yaaaak! Hurraaayyy setelah 15 menit tidak ada reaksi apapun. Berarti cocok ni di kulit saya.

Awal pakai biasa aja sih.. kesan pertama ya hanya sebatas..”oke, this

is a face cream with sun protection, yang di kemasannya ada gambar domba” wkwk.. tapi lama-lama saya sadar.. saya jarang sekali jerawatan dan kulit muka saya jadi kenyal, empuk, lucuk #eh…

Bagusnya lagi… krim ini bisa untuk diaplikasikan di area yang sensitif seperti, bawah mata yang oleh banyak krim lain ga boleh.

Harga di Indonesia lumayan ya sis.. ga mahal banget, tapi juga ga murce banget. Sekitar 130-190 ribu yang kemasan 100gr. Ada yang jual paket isi 6, harga hampir 700ribu. Lebih murah kalau beli rame-rame, atau buat buka olshop sekalian.. haha.. yang pasti, harga di sini lebih mahal bisa sampai 40% dari harga di Australia. Tapi.. masak iya beli tiket PP Aussie 10 jutaan cuma buat beli krim 200 ribu kan yaaaa….

Menurut saya lho ya ini, krim ini bagus.. dan ga bikin ketergantungan apapun. Saya mah orangnya suka males pake krim atau perawatan muka. Jadi kadang pake.. kadang lupa.. kadang sengaja lupa… (ngok). Tapi andai saya beberapa hari ga pakai krim inipun no problemo mi Amo.. baik-baik aja, ga jadi kering juga. Aman terkendali.

Gitu sista.. jadi secara pribadi lho ya ini… saya rekomen krim ini… semoga ada yang cocok juga..


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Review: MUA blush

So.. MUA is a make up brand from the UK. It’s very affordable and easy to find in Superdrug Store.

First product I bought from this brand were a matte lipstick and eyeshadow. Both are nice and I like it. This time I decided to try Pixel Perfect Multy blush, and chose the Pink Blossom shade. It is only for £3.

The color shade looks reallly beautiful and soft, just my favorite!

So.. let’s try! The problem occurred when I swap my make up brush and applied on my cheeks, and voila… nothing happened. No colors at all on my skin.

I needed to repeat it like 5 times or more on each cheek just to get pinky shades. Honestly, it wasn’t what I expected from MUA. Yep, I’m a bit dissatisfied after the satisfying products I’ve tried before. 🙂

Another minus is the smell. You’ll smell a strong odor when you open and apply it.

So.. do I recommend this product? Hmm… I gotta give 5 from 10. But if you want to try it yourselves it’s your call. Just leave a comment on this post right after.🙂

Thank you for reading!


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Eyeliner from Rivera Cosmetics

Reviewnya bahasa Indonesia aja ya sis. Salah satu produk baru dari Rivera Cosmetics adalah eyeliner matic.

Kebetulan aku dapet free beauty box dari Rivera Cosmetics. Unch… baik bangeeeeetttt… kemasan beauty boxnya aja eksklusif banget.

Nah, eyeliner matuc ini sebetulnya kaya crayon eyeliner gtu. Tapi..dia tipis crayonnya, enggak yang tebel..ujungnya juga agak bengkok, menyudut supaya mempermudah aplikasi mengikuti kelopak mata. Keren lah.

Pastinya, eyeliner matic ini aman buat begginer yang ga bisa atau kesulitan pakai liquid eyeliner. Juga ga repot ngruncingin, jadi praktis dan aman anti coret.

Hasilnya bagus kok, memang ga glossy seperti liquid eyeliner yah.. tapi bagus kok.. enggak nggumpal waktu diaplikasiin.

Gitu ya sis.. silakan mampir ke Rivera Cosmetics.

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[Review] Simetri Coffee Jogja

Coffee shops have been a good business in Jogja, more and more new coffee shops can be easily found in the neighborhood. However, the competition is tough ma maaan… many of those are closed after a while.

For me, a good coffee shop comes in package of coffee, baristas, and store ambience. Foods? Nope, it doesn’t count. It’s just a complementary item, when it comes tasty then it’s a bonus poin.

I will make several stories about coffee shops that I have tried. Why coffee shops? Hmmm.. it’s simply because I love coffee.. I love it bitter yet creamy 🙂

So.. this time will be Simetri Coffee. You can easily find this place at Kotabaru, at Jalan Sabirin. It opens daily starting at 9 AM. A good place to have your morning meeting.

They have several rooms, you can use one for meeting if you need a separate space from other customers. Just ask the staffs, they are really nice and helpful.

The price is not that cheap, but it’s worth the money honey! Their coffees are around 40k, and the main course starts also from around 50k. But don’t worry, they have such a biiiiiggg portion that mostly you can always share with friends. My favorite menus are chicken wings (snacks) and traditional big breakfast. Their chicken wings are not that small common chicken wings with standatd taste. Those are big wings with crunchy skin, not fried but grilled. Sooo yummy. Traditional bigbreakfast is about breakfast so you will find scrambled eggs, sausage, sauted potato n mushrooms, ham, bread in one plate. Trust me it’s too big for braekfast.

The coffee… yes… i love the coffee here. The taste are bold, but not too strong. My favorite is coffee latte or cappuccino. so I use it to make my coffee shop list.

Simetri coffee’s cappuccino is tasty. The coffee is strong enough but they balance it with the creamy milk. The milk is not too milky and destroys the coffee. Like I said before. It’s bitter yet creamy. Perfecto.

Amother coffee shop another post…