Simple Story

I need to prepare…

Today, accidentally I landed on reading an IG story of a friend. She had a dog named Vegas, a golden retriever breed, which really closed to my friend’s daughter. Vegas was really ill and couldn’t survive. My friend put the story of her daughter and Vegas on IG. It brought me into tears. I just couldn’t handle it, seeing how an unconditional love could grow so strong between a little girl and a dog.

My friend’s story makes me realize that I need to be prepared. I also have a little girl and also a senior black toy poodle names Armadillo. I adopted him when he wae around 2 years old. This cute dog always was always by my side when I was pregnant.

As my girl grows bigger, they always play together, inseparable. They have breakfast together, cuddle, chasing around both ways. Sometimes Dillo won’t eat if my girl is not around. She can call his name a hundred time a day, just to get his attention. She put headband on his head eventhough she knows our dog is a boy! But Dillo is such a kind-hearted dog.. he just stay there when my girl puts the headband, tiara, or even sunglasses on him.

The vets that regularly check Dillo warns us to have one more dog, considering that Dillo is already 9 years old now. She’s a bit worried if it would be a great loss for my daughter when it comes for Dillo to go. The same thing was said by my daughter’s pediatrician. She highlighted the possibility of trauma for my girl if Dillo passed away.

I know having two dogs means more works..but also.. more loves. I’m in the process of adopting another dog. I do hope everything goes well..and my daughter will be prepared enough when the time of her lovely dog comes.