[Review] Rivera Gotta be Matte Lip cream

Hai gaes, aku dapet kesempatan istimewa niy buat coba produk lumayan baru dari Rivera Cosmetics. Namanya Gotta be Matte lip cream. Ada 2 warna yang kucoba, yang truly red alias merah benderang sama agak ngepink (shade retro mauve).

Foto di bawah ini yang retro mauve ya gaes..

Nah, ini pendapat pribadiku ya.. (ingat pendapat boleh beda) 😁

1. Kemasan

Elegan, bahkan bagus menurutku kalau dibandingkam merek titik-titik yang organik (tebak-tebak tidak berhadiah). Jadi bukan kemasan yang ‘cuma’ lip cream gitu lho gaes.

2. Tekstur

Relatif lebih kental dari lip cream yang biasa kupakai. Risikonya apa? Ya bisa jadi terlalu tebal, trus (ndemblok- kata orang Jawa). Mendingan nih kalau make ini, pakai aja di beberapa titik terus ratakan, pakai cotton bud.. jari ya boleh wis sak karep.. pokoknya rata.

3. Moist?

Surprisingly, tidak sekering dugaanku sebelumnya. Sempet menduga ini akan kering atau bikin bibir kering dengan sangat cepat. Ternyata enggak lho.. misal niy, kupakai pagi jam 9, nanti baru kerasa kering di atas jam 13. Lumayan kan..

4. Longlast?

Yeps. Ini longlast, jam kerja touch up kalau perlu aja (aku sih males.. emang gitu akutu..)

5. Smudge free?

Nope. Sayangnya tidaaaaa… jadi hati-hati kalau mau kecup kecup yak. Nempel gaes.. ingat!

Gitu deh pendapatku pakai Rivera Gotta be matte lip cream ini. Untuk 2 warna yang kucoba, ternyata warna yang merah nyala itu lebih cepet nempel bibir daripada yang retro mauve. Entah kenapaaaa…

Untuk hasil yang merah nyala bisa cek di sini ya..gotta be matte result

Sekalian ceki-ceki story Instagram-ku yang mengulas produk make up lainnya.

Gitu yes.. makasiy sudah mampir..


Simple Story

Happiness on your own terms

A few days ago I wrote on my WhatsApp status, “I wanna be happy on my own terms, not yours”. For some, it sounds selfish. Isn’t it? But I wrote that by reflecting the reality around us.

People are constantly receiving demands, requirements, terms and conditions, in their daily lives from their work, their school, their teachers, their friends, even by their own families.

Those requirements are often related to our happiness, by their own terms. For example, you are single and haven’t got married by 30. Your family starts asking, “why haven’t you got married?”, “What kind of guy/girl are you searching for?”. Sometimes they even start judging, “You have way too high standard”, “Don’t be too hard to people who wants to get to know you”, and many other sentences you can relate to. As if when you haven’t got married in the age of 30, you won’t be happy and you ARE not happy.

But hey, we have our own terms to be happy. We can be happy on our own terms without following the standards of others’. I’m not saying that their terms are bad, no. Their terms, I’m sure, are based on their concerns because they care about us.

But again, this is your life, not theirs. We are the one who understands all the circumstances that happen in our lives. We are the one who should decide what we’re going to do and bear with the consequences. It doesn’t mean that we will just turn down all what they say, but we need to understand ourselves, our limitations, our strength, our goals so that we can also create our own happiness.

It is not about being selfish, it is about self understanding and be happy on our terms. You probably will be misunderstood, or misjudged but… you all already know the risks, right?



[Review] Simetri Coffee Jogja

Coffee shops have been a good business in Jogja, more and more new coffee shops can be easily found in the neighborhood. However, the competition is tough ma maaan… many of those are closed after a while.

For me, a good coffee shop comes in package of coffee, baristas, and store ambience. Foods? Nope, it doesn’t count. It’s just a complementary item, when it comes tasty then it’s a bonus poin.

I will make several stories about coffee shops that I have tried. Why coffee shops? Hmmm.. it’s simply because I love coffee.. I love it bitter yet creamy 🙂

So.. this time will be Simetri Coffee. You can easily find this place at Kotabaru, at Jalan Sabirin. It opens daily starting at 9 AM. A good place to have your morning meeting.

They have several rooms, you can use one for meeting if you need a separate space from other customers. Just ask the staffs, they are really nice and helpful.

The price is not that cheap, but it’s worth the money honey! Their coffees are around 40k, and the main course starts also from around 50k. But don’t worry, they have such a biiiiiggg portion that mostly you can always share with friends. My favorite menus are chicken wings (snacks) and traditional big breakfast. Their chicken wings are not that small common chicken wings with standatd taste. Those are big wings with crunchy skin, not fried but grilled. Sooo yummy. Traditional bigbreakfast is about breakfast so you will find scrambled eggs, sausage, sauted potato n mushrooms, ham, bread in one plate. Trust me it’s too big for braekfast.

The coffee… yes… i love the coffee here. The taste are bold, but not too strong. My favorite is coffee latte or cappuccino. so I use it to make my coffee shop list.

Simetri coffee’s cappuccino is tasty. The coffee is strong enough but they balance it with the creamy milk. The milk is not too milky and destroys the coffee. Like I said before. It’s bitter yet creamy. Perfecto.

Amother coffee shop another post…