16.02.2011 – Offenburg

All this time, I have already too much hopes
That you will always by my side
I kept the devil in me deep inside
So that only the angel you could see…

But look at me now,
You brought my devil again to surface
even worse than I have ever known…

You’re the one that I could final;y trust
You’re the one p whom I gave the chance
And you’re now the one
who threw me away to the ground…

I have only my black wings as an angel
I know I never can be the white one…
but at least since long time..
I could feel, how it feels to have no horn
Yet I lose one of my wing
I fall down..deeper and deepest
again to my place where i always belong to…

I burn my other wing, and grow my new horns
ready to control my underworld…
Hey You! The devil is back…


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