It’s Kinda Ironic

I’m in love…never feel this way…

but not to a person…but to a country…I’m in love with Germany. Let say it’s an irony…I love my country..Indonesia..really…and I love my town, Jogja, even more. But here I find many things different and better. I feel safe, I feel protected. Bureaucracy is everywhere and some times can piss u off. Here too…but however I can see how the government really cares about the citizen’s life. WOnderful. They make some regulations that for me a bit nonsense, but some of them really make me wonder. When my country will be like this. For example, there’s a very strict regulation for driving license. They control your points. If there’s a STOP sign and you drive through it, even only 1 meter. You will get a minus. And if you have 6 point, then you can’t drive for 6months. And in the worse case, you can loose your driving license. There’s also a rule, that if you don’t stop in an accident you will be charge. Unbelievable. No wonder this country is really in order. Compare to Indonesia, a lot of traffic accident, people just don’t care if they pass an accident by (pretend there’s nothing).

“The ontime” culture also makes me happy. I get used of  “always late” culture…for example for train and flight in Indonesia. Here…I use a Regional train. I use it for free, and the tickets actually not so expensive…One time, the train was late for about 8 minutes. And the machinist, right after the train departured, gave an announcement…His apologize for the delay. And he really mentioned the “8minutes”. WOW..this one..I will rarely find in Indonesia. Respekt!

This is the side i really want to go back to my country..but on the other hand, it’s too hard to leave this country…I’m really in love…



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