Lil Ucrit Part. 8 – National Army Museum

Ooooh deaaaaaar,

Ucrit is sooo busy and hasn’t got time to write you… but now Ucrit is here, to share again a little story in the UK. Today’s theme is the National Army Museum, or Ucrit will make it short as NAM.

NAM, of course when you hear about army you will think about,,, army..   😀

yeah.. but NAM is more a history museum about war and weapons.  Every floor has its own story, the war that British army had been through from Africa, Asia, and else. They have these great figures of army with their old uniform, or they put us in a scene of the war, for example when they had war in Asia. NAM stages the part of this room into Asian world, with rice field and kind of tropical forest. It’s incredible.

Ucrit knows that war is doing only harm… 😦 But the lesson that we can get from war history is priceless. At NAM we can read a lot of quotes by some troops when they were at war or by Queen Victoria for example “We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat, they do not exists” For Ucrit it is a very strong words, if you imagine you were at war, all you gotta do is keeping the spirit of your army. And Ucrit thinks the quote worked for that.

You can also find some dioramas in NAM, even the very detail one, complete with narrative and spotlight.. it’s cool..

for kids, they can try some uniforms; from army to nurse… and make pictures.. great, isn’t it?


well, if you have time just go and visit.. it is located :

Royal Hospital Rd  London SW3 4HT

and it’s free of charge 🙂


with luv,




CAM01586CAM01592  CAM01608 CAM00290


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