My Lil’ Ucrit – Part 1: To all Sapi Kecil fans…

Baiklah… akhirnya tersentuh juga notes di facebook ini πŸ™‚ after years I abandoned this page πŸ™‚ But now I’m back with new firend, Ucrit, my lil bear that accompanies me here. Si Sapi kecil pensiun dulu yaaa….


4 months being in London. another reason from what i have done in germany. Totally different experience, different culture, different weather. well, this city doesn’t have SUN!!!


Funny story was, when I got back from Germany and my dean asked me right away to take master degree, my mom asked me “do u wanna go back to Germany? or where do u wanna take ur master?

confidently i answered, ” I’ll go to UK”


Ooops… here I am now, landed in London doin my Master. So peeps, careful to what u say.. It may come true.. as simple as that. πŸ™‚


I’ll tell u more about London later on.. don’t worry…


gotta go, gotta be back to my proposal, which the deadline is in the next 4days and I have got nothing on my screen. πŸ™‚


see u around….


xx (kirakira sama artinya dg “xoxo”)

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