My Lil’ ucrit – Part 2. When it snows

Sahabat Ucrit,


back again… today is snowing.. ucrit doesn’t wanna go out.. it’s to cold. Ucrit prefers to stay under the warm blanket and just look at the window… but on the other hand, playing with the snow is tempting.. 🙂


So, ucrit goes outside and start to touch the snow.. “ouch” – it feels like burnt… only in some minutes, ucrit already gets used to the cold snow. Ucrit starts to make snow balls… and Ucrit is becoming as white as the snow… hmm.. it’s snowing pretty hard.. though the temp is not that cold.. only -2 degree.


London is not that pretty with its grey sky almost every day.. having snow like this, is the best feeling for ucrit to be in London.. 🙂 walking and playing under this white cold flakes, making footprints, and breathing the freezing air makes your mind bit more calm… 🙂


But be careful.. the icy surface is really slippery… watch ur step, and try to step on the soft surface.. 🙂


see u around.. Ucrit wanna play some more minutes!! uhhm,, maybe hours.. :))



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