My Lil’ Ucrit – Part 4. One Sunny Day

Ucrit   wa wa wa… after experienced a week full of snow.. finally came the sunny day… yippie, okey not that warm, like around  8 degrees and soooooo windy but who cares? It’s sunny 😀

ucrit should go out and take a walk, enjoy the sun. So Ucrit first stop was Hyde Park. This Park is sooo huuuuuggggeeee… 1,5 hours if u walk around.. pheww..nooo not in this windy day. Ucrit and his friend, just took a short walk to see the park, as Ucrit has never been here before 🙂 after met some swans, ducks, goose.. Ucrit went for hot chocolate. Seems like all Londoners went out today. every places were full and queue everywhere. –” so, just “chocolate for take away please”…

then, Ucrit went to South Kensington where the Museum of National History is located. this museum is aaaawwwwweeesooome. They have dinosaurs.. with the small replicas too. they are cute. But you really have to see the building, wonderful.. 😀

after a long walk, Ucrit felt hungry.. and tried to find a coffee shop for tea and sandwich. Gosh, we could not find an empty chairs inside… finally we found an italian cafe next to Lamborghini shop..well … 😀 an extra view.. :))

our last stop was Harrods. You are not in London if u have not stepped ur foot in Harrods. It is basically a shopping mall, or department store more to say. very expensive! ouch! it was owned by Al-fayed. But ucrit doesn’t really know about that.. soo.. the important thing is, ucrit met his friends… THE BEAAARSSS… HARRODS BEARS are definitely cute… ucrit has to have them… But not today.. not today 😦

btw, Ucrit saw a bed, kingsize. made from wood and leather .. u know how much is the price? Gezz… it’s more than 21.000 GBP. with that bed, we can give tuition fee for 2 international students! what a waste of money! well, it was a very nice bed .. ucrit left the Harrods empty handed, but he will come back for Harrods bears for SURE!

The evening was getting colder, so ucrit had to go home, make a cup of hot tea and having a very nice sleep.. 😀

Good night friends…



Hyde Park
Hyde Park
Natural history Museum
Natural history Museum
Harrods Bear
Harrods Bear


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