My Lil’ Ucrit – Part 5. Oxfooorrrdddd :)

Sahabat Ucrit,


how are u.. so sorry for not writing for weeks.. life is just demanding sometime 😀


here is the story, ucrit went to Oxford with some friends, they are international friends 🙂 we call us sometime a little UN :p


It was still early in the morning when we departed. Ucrit was still sleepy, large coffee didn’t even help.. but we need to go early so we could spend more time there. Oxford is not so far from London, just an hour away.


Ucrit was sooo excited.. Ucrrit has never been out of town before in UK, so.. this could be interesting. We arrived, took  a tourist map, and ready to explore the city. we chose to walk around the city, to see the city’s detail. it’s a very nice small town I guess. :p It’s old and neat. Buses is the only inner-city connection.


the amazing fact of this town is, it’s full of colleges and universities. every 50 meters walk u will find another school. awesome! even the city bus tour called “UNIVERSITY TOUR” :)) this city has branded itself to be a university town, nothing else. i think they have done great. Ucrit saw a clothing shop even has a tagline “University clothing” Cool!


ucrit and friends went into a college, ST. Magdalen, and it’s wonderful. It’s more than 550 years old. It has thousands acres of land, with lake, deers and river… Ucrit definitely doesn’t mind to go to school here :))


we were all tired after walking around the city for like 7hrs, we decided to take the train home. all tired and fell asleep on the train.. what a wonderful journey.




Ucritst.magdalen collegeUcrit

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