My Lil Ucrit – Part 6. Smile

Sahabat Ucrit,


there are always been times when u feel lonely, desperate, sad.. especially when u are far away from those u love.

that’s what Ucrit feels in the last couple of days. Ucrit felt lonely in this crowded city. u know the feeling of stand alone in a busy train station? people don’t even recognize you.. they ignore u like u do not even exist. it hurts right?


But Ucrit knows, always, that rainbow comes after the rain. Cannot deny that London’s weather cannot give u such hope, but anyway.. Ucrit believes that hard times will give u joy afterwards.


Life is a roller coaster right? once u re up and once u r down.. and as u know the way down is always faster than the way to go up… so.. take it easy.


Last night Ucrit walked in a very quiet area, coz they close the road :).. so ucrit could see the stars up there. Shining n twinkling.. beautiful…



be like stars, it shines and twinkles…and it shines more in darker skies 🙂


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