My Lil’ Ucrit – Part 7. Small Town

Hi friends,

I know.. Ucrit owes you some stories… Ucrit has got some new experiences.. 🙂 So it’s time to let you all enjoy it too.

In March Ucrit went to a small town, Loughborough. Ucrit went there by bus, a huuuuuge bus from Victoria Coach Station in central London. The journey took like three hours, pretty long journey. But hey, in Indonesia we need 10 hours to go from ucrit’s city to Jakarta by train. So.. three hours in bus is not really a problem for Ucrit.

Ucrit went at 8 PM, night journey is always impresssive for Ucrit. Lights, dark, hmm.. nothing to see basically… but that is the art of it 🙂 Oh oh.. Ucrit forgot to tell you, why he went to Loughborough. Ucrit visited a friend, who comes from the same city as Ucrit. Well, meeting a friend and talking in local language will do no harm, right?

She picked Ucrit up from the bus stop and took him to another Indonesian family. Ucrit stayed the night there. New friends! This town is really small, almost the same like the last Ucrit’s town in Germany. Cute. Loughborough has known for its socks 🙂 yeah, the first industry that set up here was socks industry. COOL..that explains why the town landmark is the socks guy. and you can find some feet sculptures. Pretty…

Ucrit felt like home in this town, maybe because it’s small and neat. But it was cold that day.. and Ucrit just stayed fo one night. Yeah, the city is small enough to be explored in one day 😀

You need to visit this town friends.. It’s really nice… and the local cafes are nice too..and friendly.. 🙂






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