Who the Hell Are You?

“Who the hell are you?” is my favorite line. that come out from me when someone gives me advice, suggestions that i don’t need. At least, I feel that I don’t need it.

Then you came into my life. As usual, the sentence “Who the hell are you?” came out several times. Coz I dis feel that way. I don’t need you in my life. Hey, I am independent. I do almost all alone, so..it doesn’t really matter, whether I have you or not. I stand alone!

But suddenly, you turned my world up side down as you asked me to sail with you.  And I don’t even know what i have dreamed the night before, that made me said yes…

Roller Coaster

here it comes my roller coaster. Up and down, swings me with the ultimate speed. I gotta think fast, I gotta make decision in a short time, and then, the hardest part, I gotta adapt with your present.

Hell yeah, I think I am ready.

Anyway, who the hell are you?!

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