About Myself


My name is Birgitta Puspita. How old I am, I think that’s not really a matter. I was born in Semarang and grown up there til I was 14 and moved to Yogyakarta. I finished my school years in Yogyakarta also got my bachelor degree in Social science there. I spent my two years in Germany and back to Indonesia to work. I’ve got a fantastic job by the way. Now a days I spend my time in London, struggling to finish my study.. and publish every now and then a short story to keep you laughing 🙂

I always try to dig experiences. From peoples, from exhibitions, from every single things. Maybe I will get a lot of stories which I can tell to my grandchildren. *GRINS*

SO…I hope you will enjoy my blog. You can read it, criticize it..but please don’t judge it. It’s just me and my crazy mind…


Birgitta Puspita