And I keep falling in love

No I’m not talking about person, and when yeah..then it’s just indirect 🙂

I fall in love in music. Rhythm that makes me move..tones that make me sing. I realize that I don’t have voice like those, whose job is singing. 🙂 But my voice is enough for me to enjoy the music and sing along.. I appreciate musicians and their works.For me all of those works are master pieces. Coz I can’t make it, even just one.

And until now, the only instrument that keeps me falling in love is just saxophone. It can touch my deepest soul to relax… It can take my mind just away to the most peacefull place…..I’m not a saxo player, but I love to hear any songs, which played with saxophone… It’s just a heaven on earth 🙂

I just wanna share, maybe it can makes u also falling in love.. one song from Dave Koz

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